Stellar Sellers: Recognizing Top Contributors in the Seller Community, April 2024

Hey everyone, 


How has April been treating you? We hope that you’re ready to kick off a new edition of Stellar Sellers, where we shoutout some great members of our community each month!


Speaking of which, you’ll notice that we have expanded from featuring 3 to now 5 Sellers for each category! Also, we added a new category called 🌟Rising Stars🌟 which highlights members who have jumped up in the rankings and contributed to the community more than they did before. We love the growth!


The Stellar Sellers truly excelled this month, achieving an impressive 364 Kudos351 Replies, and 88 Best Answers. Way to rock it! 


Let's get into some celebrating!





👏 Top Kudos 👏


  1. @TheRealChipA 155 Kudos
  2. @TCSlaguna 66 Kudos
  3. @CareyJo 57 Kudos
  4. @Candlestore 53 Kudos
  5. @DLRosenberg 43 Kudos


✍️ Most Best Answers ✍️


  1. @JK_Fiber_Art 34 Best Answers
  2. @TheRealChipA 28 Best Answers
  3. @Candlestore 17 Best Answers
  4. @rtfulk 7 Best Answers
  5. @DammiAdservices 6 Best Answers


🗣Top Engaged Members 🗣

  1. @TheRealChipA 
  2. @Candlestore 
  3. @JK_Fiber_Art 
  4. @Twpchair 
  5. @TCSlaguna 


🌟Rising Stars 🌟

  1. @BofBArtStudio 
  2. @essentialnails 
  3. @DammiAdservices 
  4. @Fishman_Tim 
  5. @BHAUS 


🙌 Special Shout Outs 🙌


  1. @CareyJo for all of their energy that they bring to the Square Readers Book Club! 
  2. @Artistdione for launching their new clothing line
  3. @MsToYourJoy for introducing herself and rejoining the community! 
  4. @drpcken for creating 5+ posts and a feature request this month! 
  5. @ryanwanner for being the first guest on Let’s Talk Business!
  6. @MissedStitches for starting an awesome post asking for feedback with their business!
  7. @wanda33 for being a new member and already creating 7+ posts!


🏆 Member of the Month 🏆


Now the moment we’ve all been waiting for, it’s time to celebrate April’s Member of the Month! Let's give a big round of applause to @Candlestore👏


What makes Candlestore the Member of the Month?

Besides being one of the most helpful community members, Candlestore is also part of the Beta Community, and has over 2,600 posts, 130 best answers, and 1,300 kudos! He’s been a part of the Seller Community since 2019 and is constantly ranked in the top 3 on the leaderboard 🙂 


Candlestore is always there to help support another fellow seller! If you need further proof, check out this post here where he helps a member with their Square POS set up, and this one here around helping a member with their balance question!


Congrats again to Candlestore for earning April’s Member of the Month! If you see him in the community, make sure to share some kudos. If he has helped you in the past or continues to provide helpful solutions to one of your questions, make sure to mark his answer as the best solution which helps acknowledge his hard work.


@Candlestore be sure to keep an eye out for a special badge coming your way! 🏅




Much love to all of the members mentioned in April’s edition of Stellar Sellers. See you all in the community and I can’t wait to see who is going to be featured in May’s edition dropping later next month! 


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Max “appreciate you all” Pete

Max is a Community Engagement Program Manager at Square. He’s passionate about helping sellers grow their businesses and fostering connection within the Seller Community.


A big congrats and thank you to everyone recognized here! Y'all make the Seller Community the great, helpful, inclusive, and fun place that it is!


And congrats to @Candlestore on being the MotM!

Square Champion

Congrats @Candlestore

Can't count the number of times you've helped me. Much appreciated! 

Seller Community Mentor

Congrats everyone!!

Square Champion

Look at all these top 5's 😍



@MissedStitches congrats on being featured!


@TCSlaguna Nice work on the Kudos this month! Right? @Candlestore is amazing!


@CareyJo congrats to YOU!


@MudFire_Dex same! So impressed!

Square Champion

A big congratulations to everyone! I have been moving to a new and bigger premises but now back to it so looking forward to spending more time in the seller community!


@SiBellebeauty glad to hear it!

Beta Member





Congrats @Candlestore ! Well deserved recognition - you're one of our top contributors of ALL time in the Seller Community, and as a Super Seller program member. 


Way to go @TheRealChipA @TCSlaguna @DLRosenberg @rtfulk @BofBArtStudio !!!

Square Champion

CONGRATS!!!! so fun to see everyone's hard work 🙂

Square Champion

Amazing work everyone and congrats @Candlestore on the "Not an employee but outstanding volunteer of the month" award.


Congratulations everyone not only to @Candlestore for securing member of the month but also to the new rising stars @BofBArtStudio, @essentialnails @DammiAdservices @Fishman_Tim @BHAUS. Looking forward to seeing you all around the Community in May and beyond!  



square sellers ARE stellar.png


Any Happy Gilmore fans amongst our April Stellar Sellers? 🤣

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