Book Club Live Discussion: February 2024 - Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

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Hey Square Readers,


What’s better than reading books? Talking about books!


For our Square Readers Book Club, in addition to our text thread discussions, we will be wrapping up our book with a live video chat discussion!




Our next book is Profit First by Mike Michalowicz, so join us as we dive into this book!


This Live Discussion Video Chat will be on Tuesday February 27th at 4pm (Eastern US & CA). Make sure to update your Time Zone to see the correct time for you.


RSVP and say you are attending in order to get reminders about the event. 


Square Readers Book Club

Live Video Chat Discussion

Tuesday, February 27th


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Can’t make it? Don’t worry, an event recording will be distributed and published on the Seller Community where you can view at your leisure. 


We can’t wait to read with you!



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Great idea! The time is never going to work out for everyone, but hopefully these continue into the future for further readings and the scheduled times are moved around to accommodate those unable to make this one.

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I have about a hour to go reading so far the book is a wonderful read and it definitely helps you know that your moving in the rite direction also it’s great for someone who has no financial resources or guidance 


Thank you @Rho79 ! We'll definitely see what we can do!

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Thanks so much for sharing, @andrnesha -- so glad you're reading along!

You can also jump into our discussion threads about the book to share your thoughts and hear from others too!

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Good Morning,


I'm posting my question now just in case i can't log in for the discussion today at 1p...


My question is, does anyone know why he gave us the TAPs he gave us? Is that ever clarified in the book? When i finished reading it, i went back to Chapter 4 to re-read it thinking i missed something. 

I can't wait to be a part of the discussion today. 

Hello, I am so far behind I am only on like chapter 3 and was stopped with the 5 checking and then more accounts including 2 checking and 2 savings account? My bank would like to maintain 2k for each checking account. Anyway, does anyone have tips on how they’re doing this? 

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I say get a new bank... Regardless of whether or not you're following the book, no one should tell you how much you have to have in an account.

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This is one of the very few business books that actually made an impact in my business and I saw results from! I can't recommend it enough to people.

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How do I log in for the discussion?


Hey @Anjoli , you can click in here: 

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