How can I add a hyperlink in my item descriptions?

How can I add a hyperlink within my item descriptions? I sell jewelry, and there doesn't seem to be a way to show that some of my pieces have matching items, e.g. earrings, bracelets and necklace in the same pattern. Similar Items doesn't work, it displays the exact same random pieces no matter what item you click on. I'd also like to link items to some of my stories that have a lot more detailed information about my items, e.g. how they're made, how they work, and how to care for them, because there's too much info to add to the descriptions.

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Hi @Mitzi07,


Thanks for getting in touch 👋
You can add hyperlinks to your item descriptions by highlighting the word you'd like to link, and then clicking on the link button. 



Next, a pop up window will allow you to enter the link to the other item, or story, you'd like to point to. 


I hope this helps 🙂

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Hi Arie, that doesn't work. When I click a word in my item description, then the link button, the only options I get to link to are external link, email or phone #.

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Hey @Mitzi07. Stepping in for @Arie here.


What service are you using? Is this for Online Store and are you editing items within that or Checkout Links, etc?

Ashley C
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I'm trying to add the link to my online store when I create a new item. I can't do anything in my item descriptions now except add plain text, every option is greyed out, including the option to link. Help! 

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Hey there, @Mitzi07 👋


You will need to turn off the option to sync item descriptions in order to stylize your item descriptions. 


From the Square Online dashboard, click Items > Item Sync, then toggle off Sync Item Description. 



Please let me know if you run into any troubles with this. 😊

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I tried that once before, and my descriptions all disappeared. I chatted with a support person to try and fix this, but ended up having to spend a huge amount of time re-typing everything, and going through every item to make sure nothing else had changed. So, I'm not really willing to try that again. As an alternative, is there any way to have a paragraph of text in the website's shopping section that stands on its own, and isn't part of product descriptions? E.g. I sell several different categories of jewelry, one of which is painted pendants. There are specific do's and don'ts to care for them, and in my stories section I have an article that explains this. It's too lengthy to put in the product description, but it's important information that people should know, so having a little blurb at the top of that web page with links to the article would be great. Is that do-able? Thanks.

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Hey @Mitzi07,


Welcome back to the Community.


Thanks for reaching out to share your feedback on adding links to the top of the webpage.


Please share your suggestions in our Ideate Room here: squ.re/ideate We are constantly improving our products based on feedback like this.


Let me know if I can assist you with anything else.

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