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Square Terminal Sending Incorrect Date and Time to KDS

We have two mobile terminals and the date and time are set automatically on both. The correct time is showing on the face of each machine but when ticket info is being sent to the KDS, the date and time are not coming through correctly. It's as if the automatically set date and time are not being recognized by anything other than what is displayed on the face of the machine. Transactions and KDS tickets show dates and times that - if you look at the manual settings for the terminal for date and time, that are greyed out, match what is being sent to the KDS or identifying when the transaction occurred.


For instance, one machine shows that the time region is pacific - and so when we do a transaction a ticket will say the time was three hours in the past and the same with a transaction done at 9pm, the receipt and charge says 6pm. Tried going in and setting the times manually - with the sea results as above.


Please advise as this is causing extreme headaches.

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Re: Square Terminal Sending Incorrect Date and Time to KDS

Hey @JPWilkinson,


It's best to reach out to direct Support for troubleshooting like this.


The Seller Community isn't the best place to troubleshoot as we don't have access to your account to look into it with you here and we typically leave cases here for other sellers to engage with before we respond. 


This also might be something you'll need to reach out to KDS about since they're a third party with us but our Restaurants team might have some more insight on this. 

Ashley C
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