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Can you create Loyalty levels that offer different rewards?



I would like a way for my customers to feel like their progressing in terms of loyalty rewards.  For instance, based on total dollars spent, a customer can be a "Bronze", "Silver" or "Gold" level - each with it's own level of discount reward on EVERY purchase.


I have some customers that have been pruchasing for decades!  It would be nice if customers like that were part of a "Diamond" level of loyalty.


For me, I'd like to do this:


Bronze (lifetime spend $500): 1% of every purchase

Silver (lifetime spend $1,000): 3% of every purchase

Gold (lifetime spend $2,500): 5% of every purchase

Diamond (lifetime spend $5,000): 10% of every purchase

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Re: Loyalty Levels

@sciabica1936 - This definitely sounds like it would be a great feature addition to our Loyalty Program. I'll pass along this thread to our product liaison team. Thanks for taking the time to share! 

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Re: Loyalty Levels


Just want to bug you about this again.  I just started officially using the Loyalty feature and was hoping that lifetime spend levels have been suggested to the people that could make this a reality :)

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Re: Loyalty Levels

Hey @sciabica1936, thanks for checking in. I don't have any updates available on this request (or similar status recognition option) at this time. I'll be running this by Sean and our Loyalty Team—we'll be back with any other developments as soon as they're available.

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Re: Loyalty Levels

Hey @sciabica1936! The Loyalty Team is definitely looking at ways to enable folks to create more complex programs, but I'm not sure that this particular use-case has been flushed out. I'll pass along the suggestions. As always, if I hear anything substantitve to report back - I definitely will! Appreciate the ping. 

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Re: Loyalty Levels

I have different but similar request..  

Is there a way to give different reward points according to which category I ten customer purchases?  Some category items I am barely making profit(but have big sales amount) where as other category items have better profit margins(even though their prices are smaller)5

I can afford to give more rewards points to customers who are purchasing better profit margin items.


A category. Average price $100.. profit 5%..

B category average price $20... profit 50%

I want to give 1% from purchase in category A items and give 10% in reward points to purchased value from category B items.

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Re: Loyalty Levels

Hi @Cornershop - Not yet, but the Loyalty team is working on incorporating features like the one you mention. They're now transitioning all Loyalty subscribers into a system that will allow for more flexible rewards. I don't have a timeline to share, but I'll be sure to pass on your feedback and update our threads as we learn more!

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