Feature Request: Tare Weight Function

I need a function on the Square POS to deduct tare weights which is essential when selling bulk products by weight.


I need to be able to enter in the weight of the empty container so that it can be deducted from the net weight. This makes it so that the customers only pays for the product and not the weight of the container.


I'm surprised this isn't already a built in feature of the POS considering that you can already sell products by weight. I think having this feature would give Square hundreds of new potential customers (all the bulk stores).


How quickly can a feature like this be implemented? I'm looking to switch to a new POS but need a tare weight deduction feature.


Basically all the feature would require is an input line to enter in the tare weight of a container, and the function would deduct this weight from the net weight to get the product weight.


The receipt would then show the product weight, net weight, and the tare weight.


Image attached of our current POS that has a line for inputting the tare weight of the container.


tare weight.png

Another image attached of how the receipt would look like.

POS receipt.png


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