Edit the checkout and registration fields

The implementation of the possibility of editing the required fields during checkout and during user registration, would allow a decisive turning point in the use of your service for merchants. Me, like many other users who have an ecommerce, need to request complete billing information, which weebly does not currently offer. In Italy, for example, in order to invoice correctly, the customer is also required to provide the tax code and VAT number, which are currently not present in the predefined fields. The ability to edit the mandatory check out fields (and billing data) would solve this problem which at the moment is a big limitation that does not encourage your users to remain subscribers to your service.

Same thing for the possibility of editing the fields requested during user registration, so that even the mandatory billing data remain stored.


I hope Weebly will be able to implement these functions within a month.


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Square Community Moderator

Hi @ConLaVoceDi,


I noticed it's your first post, welcome to our community 👋 🙂


Thank you for sharing this feature request with us! I can definitely see how different fields would be useful for international users where billing requirements might look different. I'll highlight this with our eCom team now! 

While we can't predict when, or if a feature request will be implemented, we'll be sure to share an update with you here. If you'd like a bit more insight into how feature requests work in the Square Community, check out this article



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