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  I am requesting a feature be added. I believe it would be great to have an option to automatically turn invoices into appointments. This feature will allow you to enter in a specific date and time for the invoice. Once the deposit or full payment is made, the software will confirm and convert the invoice into an appointment. Placing the requested date, time and service of the invoice on the calendar. It would help prevent double bookings, unless authorized by owner. As well as, help we owners out, from having to go back and create an appointment once the invoice has be paid. I have often forgotten due to invoices being paid days later after they have been creating. Due to that, I overbooked 3 appts for the same time slot. 

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I agree with this also.  The "date of service" option on invoices would be great to have it populate the appointment calendar.  It would be super helpful for orders for deliveries in the future.  Also our appointments do not give "staff me)" a reminder email even though I thought I had it set up to do so.    

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Thanks for sharing these suggestions with us @ehflower! I can definetely see how it could be useful to have the ability to turn invoices into appointments. The workaround for now would be to create an appointment in your calendar manually. You can also send invoices for appointments you've created via the Square Appointments app. 


To check your Appointments Notification settings head here and click on your name, or your staff's name to check if notifications are turned on. 


Please let us know how you go!

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