Seasonal Business Series: Get ready to re-open for summer! ☀️🙌

Are you getting ready to reopen your business after the winter? Or maybe you need an additional point of sale for your busy summer season ... and you have questions about using Square because, well it's been a minute. Well this post is for you!


We've put together this ist of FAQs for using Square but feel free to post questions below too. We’re here to help you accept sales whatever the season! 🎇☀️



Questions about Square hardware


I haven’t used my Square account in long time - is it still active?


Yep! Even if you signed up days/weeks/months/years you won’t need to create a new account - your account will still be active and you can sign in with the same email address and password combination that you used to create your account initially.


How do I download the Point of Sale app?


Open the App Store or Google Play Store on your device and search for ‘Square Point of Sale’. Tap Get or Install or Update. (If you see Open the app is already on your device and it’s up to date!)


Download the Square Point of Sale app to your phone.Download the Square Point of Sale app to your phone.

I can’t find my reader, can I get a new one?


Yep! Head to the Square shop to buy a new reader — they take about a week to arrive. If you need a reader ASAP you can buy one in retail stores. Visit https://squareup.com/us/en/where-to-buy to find a retail location near you.


What if my friend has a reader, can I borrow theirs?


Yes! Square’s readers are not tied to a specific account or employee so you can use any reader to take payments.


I had the magstripe reader before — should I get a chip card reader now?


More and more customers have chip cards so if you haven’t already it might be time to invest in a Contactless and Chip Card reader. For more information about accepting chip cards instead of magstripe cards visit the Town Square Blog.


What type of cable can I use to charge my Contactless and Chip Card reader?


If you’ve lost the charging for your Contactless and Chip Card reader you can buy a replacement from lots of different stores — they are widely available — just ask for a micro USB cable.


Is financing available if I need to buy additional hardware?


Yes! If your Square Shop order subtotal is over $49 you can choose to pay in installments.


Square account and subscription services questions


I forgot my password!


From the app or from squareup.com/login tap Sign In > then tap Forgot Password and we’ll send a password reset link to the email address associated with your account. Review Square’s password policy before setting a new password!

From the app or from your online Square Dashboard click Forgot Password to send yourself a password reset email.From the app or from your online Square Dashboard click Forgot Password to send yourself a password reset email.
...I think I forgot the email address for my Square account too. What should I do?


Contact us by email and our support team will help you!


Do I need to link my bank account again or my debit card for Instant Deposit?


If you haven’t used your Square account in a while it’s a good idea to check that the bank account and debit card you linked in the past is still where you want to receive deposits (to verify your account details head to the Account & Settings section of your Dashboard.) If you need to remove an old bank account from your Square account, please contact us.


If I make changes to my item library/categories will it change my reporting?


If you make any changes like remove an item or a category it will not alter your reporting. Those items/categories will still appear on past reports!


Can I delete everything in my inventory from last year?


You can! Here’s a workaround to make changes to your inventory in bulk: How to delete multiple items?


What about Square’s subscription services, do I have to pay for the entire year?


These threads have more information about using specific subscriptions as a seasonal business:



Other questions about Square!


Remind me, what are Square’s fees?


A complete breakdown of Square’s fees is available in the Support Center: What are Square’s fees


Can I use the Square Card if I only accept payments for a few months during the year?


You can order and use your Square Card even if you only process payments with Square ‘part time’. The Square Card gives you immediate access to your funds after you take a payment; keep in mind there isn’t a way to add money to your Sqaure Card outside of taking a payment.


Where can I see a roundup of Square's new features?


To learn about all of Square's new features visit What’s New at Square, or take a look at the Product Updates section here Seller Community (click Topics from the menu at the top > click Product Updates)! 



🎇☀️ Feel free to post any other questions or share any other tips for seasonal businesses here!

️ Helen
Seller Community Manager

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