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Hi there,


I'm new to square and using the appointments function to book different services which are delivered on-site at a customer's premesis. 


The service description seems to be very limited in it's scope. I cannot find a way to add any formatting or even line breaks to the description. Is there anyway to avoid having a giant unformatted wall of text for longer descriptions?



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Hi Schembri,


Agreed, a right text formatting option would be awesome for service descriptions. We’ve just used plain text ie hyphens in place of bullets or // to divide call outs / key messages when the text groups together in areas of Square for our business. We use our website to have more information about certain services and just push people to the booking tool from there. It’s not perfect, but does the trick. It also forces us to be more succinct in our messaging (which isn’t a bad thing, we all know no one reads anything properly these days anyway!). Less is more.

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Hi @schembri,


Thank you for writing in and welcome to the seller community 👋 😊


While the text can't be formatted differently, @dieterslicke shared some great tips here! I'll go ahead and pass your feedback onto our Appointments team for consideration.

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