[Announcement] Updates to the Square for Retail Plus plan

Since introducing Square for Retail Plus in 2017, we have launched over 100 features including inventory stock counting, sell-through inventory reporting, and Cost of Good Sold reporting. Starting November 14, 2023, the Square for Retail Plus subscription will reflect an updated price of $89/month per location for new subscribers to reflect the increased value of the current software offering. This change allows Square for Retail to continue investing into an innovative POS solution that can support a retail seller's business needs and service more complex retail operations.  


Starting November 14th, 2023, the new Square for Retail Plus subscription will include only the following essential labor management tools for retailers:

  • Shifts: Time tracking, 10-day-out scheduling, and timecard exports for payroll for unlimited team members.
  • Team Management: Two custom permission sets, in addition to the account owner. 

New subscribers looking for more advanced staff management features can opt in to additional  subscriptions offered through Square Shifts and Team Management


The Square for Retail Free plan will continue to include foundational features like a customizable POS, unlimited POS devices, exchanges, and GTIN barcode scanning. To learn more and compare different Square for Retail plans, check out the table here. Make changes at any time to your software subscriptions from the Pricing & Subscriptions section of your online Square Dashboard.


Square for Retail Plus legacy subscribers prior to November 14th, 2023:

If you subscribed to Square for Retail Plus or started a free 30-day trial before November 14th, 2023, there will be no change to your plan right now. Access to all currently-included Square for Retail Plus features will still be available at your existing software subscription price. Your legacy Square for Retail Plus subscription will continue to include Square Team Plus and Square Shifts Plus features at no additional charge. If you choose to unsubscribe from this legacy Square for Retail Plus subscription anytime after November 14th, 2023, you will be able to return to this plan, and resubscribe to the legacy subscription, at the same subscription price until further notice.

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Testing it our right now and I am not happy. Shopify returns items to the inventory when refunded. Square for retail DOES NOT! Having to manually restock the items is inefficient.


We should be able to make changes to the "Type" of payment used on an invoice without having to refund the invoice (see above mention).

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Hi @Crazyjamlife.  Since you posted the first question twice here in the community, I’ll just refer you to this link for the answer to that one.


As to your second issue above, that is the way Square has always worked.  I think I can confidently say that is the way it will always work.  Once a transaction has been closed, it can’t not be changed in any way for any reason.  If changes need to be made to correct an error, then the transaction has to be refunded and reentered.  I’d suggest that you submit a feature request for this capability, but you’d just be wasting your time.  I, and many others, have requested some accommodation over the years (10+ years in my case).  Square has always rejected those, and I’m pretty sure they always will.  Thankfully, in my operation my employees don’t make many mistakes that allow this to be a problem.




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