[New] Square House Accounts

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Let your frequent, trusted customers keep a running balance with you. Collect payment at a later time by sending an invoice, or even setting up automatic payments.




What’s new in this update?

With house accounts, you can deliver a more convenient experience by creating a running bill that customers can pay later with automatic invoices.   

  • Check out like any other sale.
    • Simply charge the purchase to the customer’s house account on your POS so the sale gets recorded and inventory gets updated automatically.
  • Get paid on time.
    • Set up recurring invoices to send on schedule so customers can easily pay their balance online with a credit card or ACH payment. For wholesale customers who buy in bulk, you can apply discounts to the whole invoice or individual items.
  • Manage and track accounts easily.
    • Set spending limits and lock, unlock, or archive accounts quickly from your Square Dashboard or point of sale.


How to access the new features

Get started by creating a house account for your customers. To create individual house accounts for your customers:

  1. Log in to your online Square Dashboard and click Payments > House accounts.
  2. Click Create House Account.
  3. Select the customer for the account and the business location.
  4. Optional: Add an account name and notes.
  5. Enter a spending limit.
  6. Select the customer’s preferred billing method.
  7. Click Save.

After you have created your first house account, make sure that you can check your customers out by charging to their house account by adding House Account as a payment option type from your Square app.


To add House Accounts as a payment option in the Square app:

  1. Open your Square Point of Sale app and tap ≡ More > Settings > Checkout.
  2. Tap Payment.
  3. Find House Account.
  4. Drag and drop within the list to reorder your payment options.

Benefits of the new features

House Accounts are a great way to create a more convenient checkout experience for your most loyal or frequent customers who need to defer payment to a later date on a regular basis. 


Some ways you can use House Accounts at your business:

  • Restaurants
    • Catering and event customers 
    • Frequent diners or club members 
  • Retail
    • Frequent shoppers with standing orders or subscription customers 
    • Clients or other businesses that order products or services from your business on a regular basis  

Get started

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