Customize reports by customer name

I am seeking a way to create a report that can be categorized by customer. I am a wholesaler and I would like to be able to access information solely on that customer/vendors name.

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Re: Can you generate reports with customer name and email information if present in my customer d...



The reporting around Customers is definitely something we've spent a lot of time working towards. Square's system is built on varying platforms, so what may seem like basic reporting, might actually be a complicated process to generate.


Item reporting does go with the item platform, Customer with the Directory Platform, and we've just started implementing the communication between these. 


What that means for now, these reports as you want them are not fully generatable.

You can add a customer to a transaction from the POS - especially the dashboard.

Click into the Transaction you'd like to Add a Customer > Click the three dots in the upper right hand corner > Add Customer 


If you export the Transaction CSV Customer Name will appear on this spreadsheet. 


It's not a perfect process, but it is reporting requests we continue to share with the product team so they can road map out updates in the future.

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 @Helen @stanfordaustin 

I needed that as well and after searching this for days, this is what I came up with:


1- Downloading customer list from the customer page: But has major problems:

A- gives you VERY LITTLE details such as emails, phone numbers, and totals spent since their first visit.

B- No options for Dates,

C- No transaction Details 

D- No accounting for Refunds issued -- so totals are always higher if I gave a customer a refund at any point. 


in my opinion useless for details, somewhat good for who is the winner of the best customer, even though he/she might have been the worst and always received refunds, and actually spent the least 🙂


2- dashboard --> transactions -->then filter by customer name (you have to input that manually --> then exporting, is the only way to achieve something like what I was looking for yet there are still some problems: 


A- It is tedious to do this for each customer, in comparison if the field "customer" was added to all the exports then we can at least do one tedious job or getting our info from one file in excel -- this way you will have tons of files to download, fix and compile to come up with an overview between customers. 

B- if you export "transaction CVS" OR "Item Detail CVS" one important thing is missing, which is REFUNDS that were done. So the numbers will be a mess, any refunds you issued that customer for whatever reason don't show in these reports, so the totals will be always equal to (if no refunds) or higher (if refunds were issued in the time period) than the actual numbers... 


So the only way to do this and get the right numbers is to export "Items Summary CVS" from the transaction page after you choose the dates you want and filter by a customer (one by one). This will account for refunds, gives you an overview of which items the customer bought, which ones got returned and the right totals.


@Helen  what we need is simple, in any of the reports that are exported, add the "customer" column/field .. the more fields added to an exported file the better... we can always delete columns we don't like, but we cant add columns we don't have. 


Hope this workaround helps some people for the time being 


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Hi @PotterybyPenny! Yes, you can use our Customer Directory feature, which will allow you to view each of your customers and export the list as a CSV file.


Learn more about Customer Directory in our Support Center. Hope this helps!

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Maybe I'm missing something.  (I think Penny was asking the same thing).  I want to generate a daily/monthly sales report, broken down by customer.  The customer directory does not give me this option.   All transactions are tied to customers/patients.  As such, it should be easy to reconcile against clinic lists etc.  But so far it's been a chore.  Thanks in advance!

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Hey @RSPoke4Well, thanks for checking in on this.


We don't have the exact report you're looking for at this time. For now, you might consider downloading the Transactions CSV and sorting it by the "Customer Name" column.


I realize this still requires a few extra steps as you'd have to use Excel or Numbers to sum up totals, but hopefully this helps with surfacing the information that you need.


We are tracking this request and I'll be sure to share your experience with our product liaison team. Let us know if anything else comes up!

Tom [he/him/his]
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I'd like to see this type of report as well.


When I create a transaction CSV my customer names don't appear so this doesn't help.  I can create a report by each individual customer but there's no way to select a date range so I can't tell what's from 2016 vs. 2017

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I’m trying to change the address to my business and I can’t see where to do that at

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Hi there, @Ladycox63 👋 Thanks for writing in!


I've gone ahead and merged your post into an existing thread of Sellers who were also looking for information regarding editing business location information. Take a look at this Best Answer from Rhatch - it will get you where you need to be.


Let us know if anything else comes up! We are here to help.

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I need this report also, but when I follow this instruction, I get a spreadsheet with no customer info in the customer column.  I can go to the Customer tab and see most of the customer names (first name and last initial), and when I click on them, I can see their transaction amount, but I can't seem to get that to print in a report.


We are a nonprofit and need a report on our donors and the amount they donated.  Is this possible?



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Hello and welcome to the Seller Community @WindYouth! 


If you need to print the information that you're seeing on the Customer's tab, you can download a CSV to your computer from that page! To do this:

  1. Navigate to the Customer Directory from your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Click Import/Export > Export Customers.
  3. Click Download to get a CSV file to your computer and open it with spreadsheet software such as Excel.

This report will include your customer's name, and contact information (where available) as well as the number of transactions and the total amount they've spent.


Don't hesitate to post again if you have any other questions! Happy to help! 

Seller Community Manager, Square
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I also work with a non-profit, and we need to be able to tally the cutomer's totals.  Preferably for the year.  This method, by export, only list total spent with no way to filter by date. I add a cutomer to each transaction, but the transaction list only displays a few customer names when exported.  The majority of the transactions are blank on customer.  I really need this functionality. 

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I want to agree with mcwebb that when I follow these instructions and download the CSV file, the Customer Name is not displayed. This seems like a flaw in the report generating function within the Square Console. It is basically failing to include the data from the Customer Field Column when generating the report. Can you please fix this problem, Square?


We are using Square on a limited basis so far, but I can see how if Square was our primary payment method, this problem would be a very significant one for functionality as a SMB.

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That's a start, but I'd like to see what they've bought by item also.  Thanks.

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This works, somewhat.  Thank you!

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I assume the customer name field must only populate if the customer has been previously added to your system? I have run every detail CSV report and cannot pick up the customer name entered at time of sale (those not prevously added).


*We use KDS which creates a customer name field when sending orders to a printer or display screen. Would love to be able to see it in the detail reports!

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Hi @trailboss


If you obtain customer contact information and add it directly to the sale or your Customer Directory, that information is accessible in your online dashboard anytime.


You can then use the workaround in the Best Answer to sort the report by Customer Name. 

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I am trying to follow this but when I download transactions CSV there are no customer names on it.

I am trying to get monthly spend by customer.


thanks for your help.

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There is seriously no report by Customer Name? I mean, it seems pretty basic. Is this something that is coming? I just spent so much time and energy getting Square set up, only to find that it still imports into Quickbooks as "Square Customer" and then I cna't even run a report in Square itself? 


Hope I'm not too late to return everything and go with a different system!!

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Can I run a report of sales for a specific group?

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Hello @project150, could you provide some details on the group your referring to? Are you referring to a group of items or a group of customers? 

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Hi!  I need to do this for a group of customers.  I've already assigned all of our customers to groups, but can I run a sales report based on each customer group?

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@WSSDARJuniors I've merged your post into this thread. It's not possible to download a sales report for a group at this time but you can download a transactions CSV file (see page 1). I'll share your request for this with the Customer Directory team.


We'll let you know in this thread if there are any updates! 

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