Disable Owner Time Clock

I am setting up employee management on the POS for the first time. I notice that when an employee types in their passcode, the POS will always ask if they want to clock in (if they aren't already). This is fine for hourly employees, but it's also prompting this for my code. I'm an owner, and don't need to track time, so is it possible to disable that prompt for my code?

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Re: Disable Owner Time Clock

Hello @majpepper


I see how this seems kind of silly if you're the owner. Currently we do not have a way to disable the clock in prompt for specific employee profiles. Luckily you can just hit, "Continue to Point of Sale without Clocking In." Never the less, I will make sure to pass your feature request along to our product team! 😀


If you have any other questions please let me know. 

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Re: Disable Owner Time Clock

I understand I can press that, but having to do it every time I do something on the POS (often several times an hour) is a little frustrating. Thanks for passing it on.

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Re: Disable Owner Time Clock

Yes...please fix this!!  Because now I have to manually go in every week and delete timecards that I don't need.  The system should know that the owner does not need to clock in.  It already knows that this is the owner four digit passcode.  It shouldn't even be asking that question...nevermind 52 times a day for every sale.

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