Want to keep copy of each receipt on file

I am very OCD when it comes to organization. That said, is there a way (online - on my computer) to be able to print out all receipts for the day? I know I can send myself a copy of the receipt during checkout through my device, but this is too time consuming for what I do. I know I can get a listing of each transaction and can print that. This is fine, but I really would like the detail to go with it. I love that I can see a copy of each receipt which also shows the customer's virtual signature. when I click on each individual transaction.

If I cannot print the receipts online, how long are they available on Square?

I ask these questions because I want to cover myself should someone come back and try to say they did not make a purchase. Having the receipt handy which shows the signature as well as my return policy would really help my case.


Thank you for your input. It is very appreciated.




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Re: Want to keep copy of each receipt on file

Hi there. 


Receipts for all of your transactions are stored in your Square Dashboard and they can be accessed at any time. 


In the event one of your customers disputes a payment, all of the payment information, including the customer name if the card was swiped, can be pulled up in your Square Dashboard for reference. 

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Re: Want to keep copy of each receipt on file

I also would like this feature. It helps us keep track of sales tax vs non-taxable items. when someone buys something that has tax and non-taxable items in the same transaction the only way of breaking that down is with the reciept itself.  Its time consuming having to manually go in and view each card transaction on the dashboard. 

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Re: Want to keep copy of each receipt on file

@lelooskafdn thanks for the reply and for adding context around why this would be an important feature for you. We'll take your thoughts into consideration too and will update this thread if there's any update. 

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