What happened to invoice item descriptions?

This past December, I set up most of the items I was going to use for invoicing beginning Jan. 1 of this year. Almost all of the items carried descriptions, especially the items that are non-refundable.


The invoice batch I sent January 1 showed the descriptions. The batch I sent February 1 had the descriptions. Reminders sent Feb 7 had the descriptions.


Today while setting up & previewing new invoices, I realized the item description isn't there anymore. This is a problem especially for the items that are non-refundable because that has to be included on the invoice at all times.


Yes, "show item description" is on in the settings.


Understood that I could go back and customize each invoice item on each invoice / invoice series with the "non-refundable" notice. BUT, the entire reason I put that info in the description was so I wouldn't have to customize the items in every invoice, expediting the billing process.


Thoughts on what happened? How to fix?

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Re: What happened to invoice item descriptions?



Interesting 🤔 I just created a test invoice on my demo account and the item description appears as intended on the invoice preview as well as the invoice sent to my email. 


This makes me believe there's an issue with your browser. Which one are you using to view your invoices? On my end, I'm using the latest version of Google Chrome.

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Re: What happened to invoice item descriptions?

@JustinC I'm using FireFox, on a mac, but I don't think that's the issue.


I stepped through everything again I see now that the preview when you're creating the invoice shows the description, as does the invoice after it's sent. My fault for not being more clear on what I was looking at.


The preview I was referring to is actually the view you get when you click on the invoice after it's been created & sent, or if it's been scheduled to be sent. and it shows up in a side window.


After looking at my copy of the reminder invoice that was sent out this past Sunday, the description is there. What was throwing me for a loop is when I was checking on invoices I had already created. You don't get a "Preview" button when you edit them, or when you click on them to bring them up in the side window the descriptions don't show.


I hope I'm making sense. Any thoughts?

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Re: What happened to invoice item descriptions?

Ah I see @WebConcierge -  you're completely making sense! Sorry I misunderstood. 


As you've noticed, the descriptions won't appear in the side bar, but I can see how that causes confusion.


Think of the side bar as a 'quick view' that doesn't show all details of the invoice. In the meantime, you can download the invoice as a PDF to view how the invoice actually looks with the descriptions. 


I'll be sure to pass your feedback up to the Invoices Team just so they know how you'd like Invoices to be viewed for your biz. Loop back to this thread as we announce updates. 


Thanks for posting! 






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