Shipping Labels - can you print them?

How do you print shipping labels for Square orders?


I read one proposed solution was to print the order then fold page to only show the destination. I thought was a pretty poor solution and hardly presents a professional result to the customer.


The only other way I can see is to print preview the order then use the Snipping tool (app in Windows) and copy the address then paste it into a Brother or Dymo label printer front end as a picture then print it. But to do that for every order is time consuming.


Someone suggested link to Shippo. I'm in Australia and don't see Australia Post as a partner so I guess that is only for international shippments.


Hoping maybe someone had found some better option.

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Hey @mlaforest!



I think your best bet here is still going to be Shippo - they do support Australia Post, though I believe you need an existing Aus Post account to use in conjunction with their integration.


You can view the Australian carriers Shippo support here 👍

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