Square Appointments COVID-19 Seller Help

The Square Appointments team wants each of you to know that we recognize you are facing many challenges right now, and we want to offer support and help in the ways we can. 


As we announced recently, we are waiving Square Appointments subscription fees in addition to fees for other Square products you may use (Loyalty, Team Management, and Square Online Store) for the month of March and April — there’s no need to do anything, we’ll manage the process for you.


Here are some steps you can take:


(1) Communicate with your customers


Send an email to your customers. Keep your customers up-to-date to let them know how they can support your business, what your new hours are, or if you’re closing for a period of time.


Update your business hours and booking availability. Set your new operating hours for each of your locations to prevent new appointments at times that you’re unavailable.


Create a custom message for your booking site. Add a temporary message related to COVID-19 to the top of your online booking site.


(2) Consider alternative service methods


Change service booking options. Make any necessary changes to your services such as changing its location to be online only. You can also hide your services without deleting them by disabling visibility for online booking.


Try virtual appointments with free video calls. Coming soon!


(3) Maintain your cash flow


Enable digital gift cards. Electronic gift cards can help increase cash flow while your business is closed or affected by social distancing. After setting up eGift Cards, customers will be able to purchase directly from your online booking site. Be sure that your online booking site is live and you’ve setup card processing.


Consider prepayments for future appointments. With customer prepayment, you can have faster access to funds by requiring that customers prepay for fixed priced services when they book through your online booking site.


Sell your products online. Connect with your customers in a new way. Quickly create a professional website to showcase and sell your items online. Plus, your online booking site will be automatically embedded into the navigation of your new website.


To learn more about these tips and any helpful features we’re able to launch, visit the COVID-19 section of your dashboard for more details. If you have any suggestions for tools, policy changes or other support you may need at this time, please let us know through this quick survey.

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