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We launched this group to connect retail sellers and provide a place to share tips, knowledge, ideas, and more. 


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Elisabeth (she/they)
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Hello. For those that donโ€™t already know me my name is Steve and I am the owner of Mountain Vapors, a small brick & mortar shop up in the Sierra Nevadas by Yosemite. Been using Square since it first launched and I have been using Square for Retail since it launched 

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I'm out in Phoenix, AZ but try to make it up to Yosemite every year or two. Will have to see if you're along our route next time! 

Andrea with Kei Collective - an artist collective with a shop in Phoenix, AZ

We're a Square Super Seller - We're here to help!
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Hello, My name is Phil. I am the owner of Shadows in the Dark. I have been an online business since 1999. Been in business at first mostly by word of mouth and advertising in a Magazine for the Blind and Visually Impaired called the Braille Forum.


Shadows in the Dark offers a lot of products for the Blind and Visually Impaired community. From, Braille Greeting Cards, Braille Playing Cards/Games and more.


Since 2020, our Braille Manufacturing for Braille Games increased to help the community. We have been non stop in producing games in Braille.



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Hello Phil. I was excited when I saw your post and would love to carry your games in our game center! I will be contacting you.


Susann Gardner

Altered Reality, LLC VR Arcade & Game Center

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My name is Dina and I'm co-owner of Amityville Apothecary in Amityville, NY (yes, that Amityville...)/ We're a metaphysical supply shop that sells crystals, books, tarot cards, candles jewelry and we've been in business since Nov 2018. We have a brick and mortar store, an e-commerce site (www.shopamityvilleapothecary.com) and we also sell socially via Instagram Lives (@amityvilleapothecary)...


We're big into social media- it's helped us really take our business to the next level... right now we've really gotten into TikTok (also @AmityvilleApothecary) and Instagram Reels and Carousels. 


In terms of product mix we have over 1500 products- some of which we resell and some we make on our own ๐Ÿ™‚


Looking forward to "chatting" with all the other retailers. 

Co-Owner Amityville Apothecary
Instagram | TikTok @AmityvilleApothecary

Podcast: Apothecary After Dark (YouTube & Spotify)
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Hi Dina, I will definitely check out your shop, we're always looking for ethically-sourced crystals for our Crystal Affirmation Candle Collection.


Nina L.

Indica Dreams

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You have a new follower ๐Ÿ™‚ I have tried Tik Tok but they always ban me for community guidelines (CBD). Love what you're doing there!

founder Crooked Cactus CBD
clean label remedies for body & mind
socials: @CrookedCactusCBD
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Nice! I will check Amityville Apothecary out !!๐Ÿค—

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We are The Chakra Shack in Laguna Beach, CA. We're also a metaphysical supply shop that sells crystals, books, tarot cards, candles and jewelry. Online store: www.chakrashack.com 


We have been using Square for Retail since it launched. It has definitely been a huge contributing factor to our growth over the last few years. 


So excited to be part of the group!

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Hey there! I will definitely check out your shop as well, we're always looking for ethically-sourced crystals for our Crystal Affirmation Candle Collection.


Nina L.

Indica Dreams

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Hi everyone! 

I have a hair studio (Jess Poynter Style) just northeast of downtown Seattle. I offer hair services as well as haircare products. I also do small gifts and cards on the side similar to what Hallmark stores offer. I've been with Square for four years and using Square Retail for one. I love what it does for my business. 

Looking forward to what we all contribute to this group! 

Hair Designer | Certified Trichologist

Visit My Website - JP Style & Solutions
Check out the magic on Instagram - @JESS.POYNTER
Make an impact on Facebook - @JPSTYLESOLUTIONS
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Hello my name is Charlie and I own a retail store and website Homestyle Charlie. We sell greeting cards, books, jewelry, misc gift items including handmade art and crafts. I started using Square on my iphone when I'd do traveling art shows and pop-up events. Now I use Square POS Register in our store along with Loyalty and Marketing. This is our third year in our current brick & mortar location and I'm hoping its gonna be the best so far (fingers crossed LOL). I'm always looking to share and learn new ways to reach customers and find out new approaches to retail selling!

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Hi, Charlie,


I was pleased to see that you are selling my WWII fighter pilot paperback book, Wings Forever, through your online bookstore. This is my first self-published book and so far, it's getting 5 star reviews and great responses from everyone that's read it. Publisher's Weekly even put it on their Indie Spotlight list of recommended books in November. Thank you for making it available through your store! 

Here's a trailer I created to show just a few of the (about) 170 vintage photos in the book.


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Hi Charlie, cool website, I'll reach out to you directly.

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The cards by Shadows in the Dark are all handmade and custom made to customer personalized in both Large Print and Braille. Also offered in eight languages in Braille. (English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese and Dutch).


Customized with an actual Braille Picture design as well.



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Hi there! I'm Andrea and I own Kei Collective in Phoenix, AZ. I run our shop with my business partners Stella and Skylar. We have a brick & mortar shop that features over 80 independent artists. Everyone works together as a collective to promote the shop and each other. It's like a fun little (weird) family! 


You can find us on all socials as @keicollective 


Looking forward to talking to everyone about our unique retail ups and downs! 

Andrea with Kei Collective - an artist collective with a shop in Phoenix, AZ

We're a Square Super Seller - We're here to help!
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Hello @keicollective lots of very fun items in your shop! Thanks for joining here and adding your info. It looks like everyone involved in your store has a lot of fun and truly enjoys themselves...that's one of the great things about having your own business, and being able to create an environment that is uniquely yours...THIS is what makes work and a job NOT feel like work/jobs and more like having a complete and wonderful life. Love this!

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Hello my name is gina wood and i am the owner of Small Wonders Childrens Boutique in Wyckoff NJ.  Our website is www.smallwondersnj.com    

Looking to learn from all of you and hoping to contribute. 

We opened the store 2 years ago this March in the middle of the pandemic (yes crazy right LOL), good news we survived, bad news we are still struggling, and I have had to go back to a corporate job to supplement my income

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Hi Gina - cute website! Have you thought about putting your merch on eBay?  I have friends (husband/wife) both quit their FT corporate jobs at Pepsi last year and only resell!!!!  $$$ If I weren't doing what I'm trying to do, I might be doing what they're doing.  Seriously.  I also had a former co-worker who sold her 5 year old son's used shoes + clothing on Mercari and made more than she even paid for them.  I am still scratching my head wondering how people are so impulsive that they don't research what they're buying but it's good for my friends.  Just sharing as I am SO feeling your pain about having to go back into a corporate job.  Have an interview tomorrow in fact. My dog collar business is not even 3 months old so I just have to give it time but you already have great stuff... go for it! Good Luck! - Rona @ Do Good Collar Co

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Hi Everyone,


Iโ€™m Emily and I make lots of different arts and crafts via Square and Etsy. You can visit or follow me by visiting EGP Crafts to see all my latest projects.


So, If you like bright colors, glitter, and rainbows.....then you've reached the right shop ๐Ÿ˜‚๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ› I primarily work with: Paper, Acrylic paint (All Projects), Resin (Jewelry / Wood Projects), Laser cutting, Vinyl Decals and SVG & Digital Files.


website - www.egpcrafts.com
instagram - www.instagram.com/egpcrafts
facebook - www.facebook.com/egpcrafts
pinterest - www.pinterest.com/egpcraftsGA

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