Celebrating Sellers for International Women’s Day: Dina, Amityville Apothecary

Today we hear from Dina, @DLRosenberg, who owns Amityville Apothecary in Long Island, New York. Amityville Apothecary provides “remedies for mind, body and soul”. Learn how their business has grown in 4 years and what makes this business unique.


Dina, Amityville ApothecaryDina, Amityville Apothecary

Dina, Amityville Apothecary

Website: www.shopamityvilleapothecary.com 


What adjectives would you use to describe your business?

Soulful, personal, unique.


Tell us something about your business that others might not know.

Amityville Apothecary started with one small room and took over an entire building in 4 short years.


What makes your business unique?

We're educators, not sales people. The sale of products is just a by-product to the information we provide.


As a woman in business, what challenges have you faced?

I think there is a stigma that women don't understand finances or banking.


Are there any women in business that you look up to?

There are many local shop owners that are women on our block — we adore our local female entrepreneurs.


What advice would you give to women considering starting their own business?

Know your numbers. Math is scary...but absolutely imperative.


Who has been your biggest source of inspiration?

Seeing women on social media getting it done lights us up!


Thank you Dina!

Did you know that the Seller Community has an online group specifically for women in business? Join togetHER today.

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