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I'm working on a site in Weebly and the client has requested extensive customizations.  Something I'm working on right now is replacing the bullets in a <ul> with images.  This is something I've done before.


On this page you'll see my attempt.  In the big blue box, on the left you'll see a section labelled "UL list with arrows".  https://ptldev.weebly.com/test-page.html


As you can see, the bullets vanish, but the images don't show up.  They should be the arrows hand-coded into the spot above.

Here's my CSS:

.arrows { list-style-image:
url('https://www.weebly.com/editor/uploads/1/3/5/4/135408670/custom_themes/27446[Redacted]961/files/icons-Arrow-Gold-25px.png') !important; }

and here's my HTML:

<h2>ul list with arrows</h2><br>
<ul class="arrows">
<li> one
<li> two
<li> three

 The "arrows" class is showing up where it should when I use Firefox inspector on it, just doesn't display.


Any clues?

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Hi there, @Maloney,


Since our site editor is a “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” type of software and no custom-coding is necessary to create a website with us, we’re unable to assist with custom code of any kind. This means that we can guide you on where custom code can be used throughout our platform, but we’re unable to assist with the code itself.


Should you need assistance with custom code associated with your site at any time, we recommend consulting a coding expert, or someone in the Community who can hopefully assist. 


Also, welcome to the Seller Community! 🥳 We are so happy to have you here. While you are here, we recommend checking out our Orientation & Etiquette. Hope this helps! 😊

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Isn't this the community here?

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