Welcome Wednesday: May 17

Hi everyone, and welcome to the Seller Community! 🙌  We had a bunch of new people join this week, and I want to take a minute to call out a few of you here. 


Introduce yourself in the comments - would love to hear where you're located and what kind of business you have! 




 A few tips for you: 

  • Remember to give out likes for posts ❤️  and mark great responses with "Best Answer". ✅  Learn more in our community orientation
  • If you have questions or comments about running your business or Square, please post! We'd love to hear what you have to say. 
  • Check out other people's stores, and add your photos or videos to this thread! 👀

Cheers and thanks for joining the community! 


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Re: Welcome Wednesday: May 17

Hi there, we're getting ready to set up square for a new deli. I'm curious to see how some restuarant online stores look. Anybody have a few links I can look at to get a feel for how the online store setup looks for ordering food?


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Re: Welcome Wednesday: May 17

Thanks for the post, @DeliStation and welcome to Square!


You may want to check out this online store for Sugar Daddy Bakery@SugarDaddyBaker, would you have thoughts on how to set up and things to look out for? 


@MAXSDELI tagging you as well in case you have thoughts about setting up for online ordering (here's the link for Max's Deli's online store)

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Re: Welcome Wednesday: May 17

Thank you so much for the speedy reply. I am excited to get started with the setup. I especially appreciate you sharing Max's Deli's online store with me - it's exactly what I was hoping could be possible. I'll look for more assistance and ideas through the forum as we progress with setting up our deli online. Thanks again!

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Re: Welcome Wednesday: May 17

Hello everyone! We are using Square in Green Bay Wisconsin for our Healthy Pet food store. We have been up and running for about a month and a half now and just recently upgraded to Square for Retail! 


We love the product and couldn't be happier now that we have an inventory system built into it. 


Looking forward to learning new tips and tricks about the system in our future. 

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Re: Welcome Wednesday: May 17

Welcome, @HealthyPetMarke! We're happy to have you, and to hear that you're using Square for Retail!


The community is a great place for tips and tricks - you can learn a lot from other Square merchants, and we also post updates from HQ on new product launches and tips for using Square. Since you're still new, you may want to check out the Getting Started Cheatsheet that @Tom put together based on common questions we get from newbies. Let us know if you have any questions - we're here to make sure you get started on the right foot. 👍

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Re: Welcome Wednesday: May 17

Hehe. I've actually been around for a little while (I jumped on the online store thing as soon as it was available, using embeds). Just didn't post in the forums until I had a technical question. :P

I'm a fantasy illustrator from Orlando, Florida. I linked my mkt store to my POS and use it both as a portfolio and catalog for art festivals/conventions.


I love my square! ^.^

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Re: Welcome Wednesday: May 17

@Dragonmun, thanks for the reply! Would love to see some of your illustrations - feel free to post your website so we can check it out! Glad you like using Square and definitely let us know if you have any questions or feedback! 

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Re: Welcome Wednesday: May 17

Oh, Sure! My online portfolio and such is http://www.dragonmun.com and my mkt store is http://mkt.com/dragonmun I'm currently in the process of trying to connect the two directly by way of Square/WooCommerce integration. :)

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Re: Welcome Wednesday: May 17

Yay, glad you're using the integration! Awesome illustrations, by the way 🙌

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