How to Create an Email Marketing Campaign with Square: A Short Guide

Square Marketing tools can help you promote your business and drive repeat sales. In this short guide we cover how to set up an email marketing campaign with Square


Not sure where to start with email marketing for the holidays? Review our Live Q&A about Square Marketing.


What is Square Email Marketing?


With Square Email Marketing you can share news about seasonal offers (new menu items for Halloween, how to purchase gift cards for customers completing their Christmas shopping list), send an email to communicate changes in your business hours, or send customers a coupon by email to encourage visits. 


Step 1: Read up on pricing for Square Marketing.


Square Marketing is a monthly subscription. The amount you pay is based on the number of subscribed customers (the customers you could reach via email) in your Customer Directory: 



Per month


Per month


Per month

0–500 Customer Contacts

501–1,000 Customer Contacts

1,001–2,000 Customer Contacts


If you have more than 2,000 customer contacts click here to view pricing.


Keep in mind: 

  • If you have a small number of customers, or only need to send an occasional email, you may opt to pay $0.10 for each marketing email you send.
  • You also have the option of taking advantage of the Square Marketing 30-day free trial.


Step 2: Manage subscribers.


You can view and manage customers who are subscribed to your email list from your Square DashboardNavigate to your Customer Directory to see which customers are subscribed or remove those who are not (e.g., a customer who unsubscribed or an email from a previous campaign bounced). 


For more information about managing subscribers and your Customer Directory, visit the Square Support Center.


Step 3: Build your campaign.


Watch this short video to build your email campaign. 


Step 4: Set it and forget it.


Schedule your email campaign for a future date or send it right away. 


Next Steps

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Thanks for this information.  After reading this I'm going to read "how to Create A Marketing Strategy for your Business" which is located under the next steps.  Hopefully this will help me make a more engaging and concise campaign this holiday season 🙂

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