Can open tabs be organized by last name?

Can my guests' bar tabs be organized alphabetically by LAST name instead of their FIRST name?

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Re: Can open tabs be organized by last name?

@DG925 At this time you can organize your open tickets by name which is alphabetical -- but also by the amount and time if that helps? To see these options click Tickets > and click the sort icon (two arrows).


You can also use the search box to enter your guest's last name pull up an open tab. Can you share a bit more about why sorting the tabs by last name this would be helpful to you? Is it an easier way to find a guest you know will be at the end of the list? 

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Re: Can open tabs be organized by last name?

THis is our issue with only having tickets arranged by FIRST NAME.


We have the same issue with our Square POS. We cannot seem to organize "tickets" by last name. We keep the credit cards on file for open Tickets. We alphabetize those cards by LAST NAME, which we thought was a pretty standard practice. When a customer comes to tab out at the end of the evening, they typically just say "close my tab... it's under SMITH", so you grab the C.C., then you have to ask for there first name as well to match the ticket. 

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Re: Can open tabs be organized by last name?

Thanks for sharing your business needs around this @BircusBrewingCo


While there hasn't been any updates on sorting by last name rather than first name, I can see how it would be more common to close out tickets by last name, especially for businesses like your own. 


I'll continue to raise this to our Open Tickets team and hopefully we can get some movement on prioritizing this feature in the future product updates. 

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