How can I modify existing BBQ plates, e.g. if a customer wants an extra scoop of rice?

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We are an outdoor vendor and we sale BBQ plates which consist of...


- 1 scoop of red or white rice

- 1 choice of BBQ chicken, pork shishkabob, or BBQ rib

- 1 choice of salad or lumpia


Now, I have our BBQ plate set up as an item with these 3 modifiers.


But I'm having an issue that I'm trying to achieve the best way possible. Now if my customer wanted 2 BBQ plates, one for his wife and one for himself, but he wants to add 2 extra scoops of rice on his plate. How should I go about achieving this?

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Re: Add Extra Scoop of Rice!

@hlzma You have a couple of options:

  1. Create another modifier in your sets for extra rice: e.g. create "1 extra scoop of rice" and "2 extra scoops of rice" and add them to your BBQ plate items.
  2. Or create a new item for extra rice but leave the price blank so that you can enter the price based on how many extra scoops are ordered. When you create an item and leave the price blank (don't even enter $0.00) you'll be prompted to enter the amount in the app. So you could select the item Extra Rice for any order, and enter the price based on how many extra scoops are added.  

I hope this helps but perhaps another seller like @ACAcatering can also share what works for them? 

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Re: Add Extra Scoop of Rice!

Yep.  @Helen hit the nail on the head.  That's what I would do.

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