How do print receipts to give to customers as their bill?

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I just got my receipt printer and it's hooked up. I need to know how I print receipts to give customers as their bill, and then how to get the tip option on the receipt for payment. I've tried looking but I'm guessing I don't know the exact question to ask.

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Re: Receipt question

what printer did you get?  what device are you using Square POS on?

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Re: Receipt question

Hello @Shashi74


It sounds like you're looking for sign and tip: where you print the receipt, the customer signs,  adds a tip and you settle the tip later on.


To enable sign and tip visit the Settings section of the POS app on your iPad. Tap Signature > Signs on Printed Receipt.


There's more information about setting up your tips and settling payments in the app in our Support Center but if you have any questions do share a bit more about your set up and we'll be happy to help! 

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