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Hi! I am JP here from Express Flow, 


I am was a square user (resturant) for about 4 years and  I am a software developer. We are in the process of finishing up an online ordering system for restaurants that also includes your own kitchen display which will show all orders and a driver delivery app. Now the driver app is a "PWA" website is just means that they work offline very similar to a mobile app. 


It is fully integrated with Square the only problem that I am trying to figure out is that OPEN ORDERS for the kitchen display wont work becuase they way I designed it for flexibility is pulling the transactions out of square server and not from the print functionality. Do you use a lot of OPEN ORDER tickets? 



Send me your also include anything problem that looking to solve in particular.



We will directly work with the first 20 restaurant's and waived the customization fee. 



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Re: Restaurant Online Ordering System

I need something like this.. just switching to Square Restaurant and there is no way to enable online ordering via a website or mobile app?    Like drop in a script to Wordpress, Wix etc.


Surprised that this is not a standard out of the box feature. 

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Re: Restaurant Online Ordering System

Hello @blakeadesigns. If you have a new  Square Online Store (powered by Weebly) it does integrate with the Square for Restaurants app. The Square Support Center has informaiton about setting up your online store with Square for Restaurants and FAQs too.


I agree it would be useful to be able to connect other online stores and if that's an option in future we'll let you know! 

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