How do I add my own self-created SKU to an Item I create through my Dashboard?

I know that with Square for Retail Plus, you can auto-generate SKUs.


But we don't have, and don't want to purchase, Square for Retail, we have Square for Retail Free.


We can easily create Items in Square... but we don't see where we can Add Our Own SKU to the items...


Is it passible to maintain an inventory of Items with Square that have SKUs associated with them, WITHOUT paying for Square for Retail?


Thanks to everyone in advance...

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@RobertBMercer ;

As I see this is your First post let me welcome you to the Sellers Community Forum.


As to answer your question you can just type in the SKU in the SKU field in either the POS or through your Dashboard when creating an item.  I have done this for ALOT of my items to keep things simple.  For example Bar Lilac for my wax melts of scent Lilac, or 16oz Lilac for my 16oz Jar Lilac candles, etc.  I did find out that the LONGER your SKU is the LONGER your Barcode is, and depending on your accounting software watch how long that SKU field can be.  I recommend using a sinle number of characters to keep all barcodes the same length.  Like 7 or 9 characters since GTINs must be 8, 11, 12, or 14 digits long if I remember correctly. A SKU for Square can be Letters and Numbers.  Dashboard through a web browser? After entering our new item you just want to keep going down on the screen.


Image below is the Screen your looking for to enter the SKU.  My SKU for this Item was generated by Square as E957214.




Any other quests you can keep asking here in the forum as we are here to help.

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