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Download the new Square for Retail app

It's here!


We couldn't be more excited to announce the launch of the newly redesigned Square for Retail POS app. If you're currently using only Square for Retail's features in Square Dashboard, you're missing out! Download the Square for Retail app to get access to premium features like the ability to offer exchanges and intake inventory from your POS. 


What's new:

New look: Find tools like Exchanges, Saved Carts, and Favorites more easily 

- Offline Mode: Never miss a sale. Your business always stays up—even when your signal goes down.

- Invoices: Quickly and easily create and send invoices right from your Retail POS. 

Images: View item images in checkout so you can be sure you’ve selected the right thing.

- Improved Search: Filter searches and browse your library by category to get where you want faster.




Img (1).png



There's no risk - you can use one Square for Retail POS app per location at no additional cost. And there's no additional set up - all your catalog, customer, and transaction information will automatically transfer to the new app.


Don't wait, get the new app today:


  1. Log in to your Square Dashboard and go to Points of Sale
  2. Click Devices, then Add a Device.
  3. Enter your device details and review the settings, then click Create to generate a device code.
  4. Download the Square for Retail app from the App Store on your iPad.
  5. Use that device code to log in to the app on your iPad.

Need more help? Check out the video below and view our support content on downloading the app.

 Device Code Walkthrough.gif




To see the most current Square for Retail app (version 2.0), make sure your iPad is updated to iOS 11 or above.


Not a Square for Retail seller? Learn more and start a free trial today.


Thanks as always for being a Square seller!

The Square for Retail Team




Is the new retail app only for iPads? I keep getting notices that I am using the wrong app. I pay for retail. But I use an Android.

megank Square

@HaworthWine Hello! Great question! Yes, the Square for Retail app is iPad IOS only. We hope the expand it's availabilty in the future. 


So, why do I keep getting messages that I am using the wrong app?  And why do I pay the same as iPad users for Retail?


Hello @HaworthWine! It sounds like you received the email announcing the new version of the Square for Retail app, I'm sorry for any confusion it caused. If you're already subscribed to Square for Retail you can download the latest version of the app from the App Store on your iPad (Retail is only available on iPads at this time). The pricing for Square for Retail hasn't changed and you can confirm your subscription details from the Account & Settings section of your online Square Dashboard.  


If you have any other questions please let me know! 


I keep getting emails too and I own nothing Apple brand. Its overrated and disappointing that the same effort isn't being taken for Android users who pay the same overpriced subscription fees.


@Helen I think the obvious question is when is it coming to Android?


Hello @wvmike3 and @HaworthWine! I'm sorry that Retail isn't available on Android tablets yet. I can't share timelines here in the Community but it's a popular request - we'll definitely announce it if Retail is available on Android in future. 

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