[Improvement] Schedule Utilization now available within the Appointments Staff Performance Report

Hi Sellers! 👋


We’re excited to share recent updates to the Appointments Staff Performance Report.

Now, in addition to seeing your staff’s pre-booking rate and client retention rates, you’ll also be able to see their schedule utilization rate. This is calculated as a ratio of a staff member’s total booked hours to their total working hours. For example, if a staff member had 20 hours of booked appointments in a week, and had 40 bookable hours that week, that staff member would be 50% utilized (20/40=50%). In addition to seeing schedule utilization, you can now also see the number of appointments booked, the total booked hours, and the total working hours all in the same report. 


To access schedule utilization (and the rest of the staff performance) you can either click this link, or find it in your Square Dashboard > Reports > Appointments Reports > Staff Performance. Note this report is only available to Appointments Plus and Premium subscribers. 


For additional information, check out the help article here


Don’t hesitate to reach out and leave a comment below if you’ve got any questions or feedback. 

We’re excited to also build out additional metrics and reports throughout the year specific to Square Appointments and beauty sellers, so feel free to include info if there is a particular report or metric you’d love to see in the future.

Square Champion

@nika This is an super useful report. This will help us greatly with optimizing our scheduling!

Square Champion

@nika  In regards to new reports, we are desperately in need of a Payment Report Based On Appointment Date (Not Transaction Date)


Currently it takes us two hours a week to calculate how much to pay out our service providers. With the proper report, it would take us only ten minutes. 

Square Champion

Would be nice to Export to Excel, and Sort by Schedule Utilization. 


Oh, and Date: This Year (thus far)

Square Champion

Yes I saw this new feature while checking our reports and immediately put it into use.  Extremely helpful to see who and where we needed to be working on by filling empty time slots with repeat booking clients.  This made it more easier to see if the new nail technicians are truly growing their books because we can compare a month ago to previous time 🙂


Thanks for the feedback all! Super helpful and excited to keep delivering new features for you all. If you have any other thoughts around appointments reports feel free to include them here as we're hoping to add to them over the course of the year. 

If a service provider blocks their schedule as personal event. Will this count towards their schedule utilization? For example: a nail tech has 40 hours available, but blocks herself for a personal event (10 hours) will her schedule utilization show as 30 out of 40 hours worked?

Square Champion

At the moment when I've gone in and ran the report it has not taken into consideration blocked off time for our nail technicians.  Square usually presents a new feature and then build upon it with feedback from it's Square sellers 🙂

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