Celebrating Small Business with the Seller Community - How to participate!

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The Seller Community’s Small Business Month is a celebration of the thousands of business owners, from across the world, who make the Seller Community possible. We want to recognize all the hard-working business owners and the impact you have on one another, on the Seller Community team, and on Square. 


Throughout the month of May there will be a variety of Community events and ways to get involved, here are a few highlights! 


Get started!


Follow for Follow for Small Business Month 🎉


Take a minute to share your social media handles to earn new followers, and follow a fellow seller in our Follow for Follow, Small Business Edition. This also an opportunity to earn the limited edition Small Business Month badge. See below for details!


Give a shout out to someone special 💗


Jump into this thread to give a shout out to a team member, business partner or regular customer that you’d like to acknowledge. Kicking off SMALL BUSINESS MONTH | Give a shout out to someone special! 


Good question 🤔 


Each week we ask a question on a small-business topic. This month’s questions were submitted by sellers and will focus on small business success, growing and improving business. We want to hear your experience (and advice or tips). Here are the questions, and answers, shared so far. Subscribe to the board for even more.



Seller Community Blog is live! 🎆 


We just launched the Seller Community Blog! This is a brand new space where we will share sellers’ success stories, best practices for business owners, highlights from the Seller Community – and more. Keep your finger on the pulse about what’s happening around the Seller Community, and meet the people at the heart of the Community, sellers like you. 


Where is the blog? You’re reading it! 


Subscribe to the Seller Community Blog



Seller spotlights for Small Business Month 💖


Stay tuned for interviews with some of the business owners from our Seller Groups. Learn from established businesses from a variety of industries including Food and Beverage, Beauty and Wellness, and Retail & eCommerce. Keep an eye out for interviews with a few Super Sellers too! 


We are grateful to all the sellers who participated in the survey in our Seller Groups, and look forward to sharing several of their stories with you this month & beyond! Some of the sellers who will be featured include @willowsky, @Lovewell@swankyscoop, @GracieGoose, @DLRosenberg @BuzzMO, and @Callee1945 (you'll be notified once your post is available!). Use the Featured Sellers label to read more interviews.


[Event] Square Readers Book Club Live Discussion


We recently launched the Square Readers Book Club. Each month we’ll choose a new book and talk through the best tips and strategies that can be applied to your business. Our first book is Start With Why by Simon Sinek and you can bring your notes to the first Square Readers Book Club Live Video Chat Discussion on Tuesday, May 23rd!


If you weren't able to make the live video chat event, no problem. You can participate at any time in the Opening Discussion thread, or in the group. Share what you hope to learn from reading this book or what can you relate to so far, as the owner of your business.


Coming soon!


[Event] Turn customers into community: Ask a Super Seller anything: May 31, 2023


Coming May 31, 2023 - the latest Super Seller AMA with Kat, aka @QuokkaCoffee, on the topic of customer service. During this Q&A you’ll have the opportunity to ask Kat anything about the tangible benefits of excellent customer service


About Quokka Coffee: Kat is the proud owner and operator of Quokka Coffee in Perth, Australia. She and her team have been working since August of 2021 to revolutionize the hospitality industry one coffee at a time by being radically empathetic and ruthlessly kind—to their guests, their vendors, but most importantly to each other.




Earn the Small Business Month Badge


Those who participate in one or more of our planned Small Business Month activities, throughout the month of May, will earn this limited edition achievement – a snazzy new badge for your community profile!*



Small Business Month 2023



We’re looking forward to everything that’s planned for our Small Business Month and we hope you are too! Let us know, how will you participate?  



*Badges will be rewarded periodically throughout May 2023. In order to earn the badge you must reply or comment on one or more Small Business Month 2023 posts between May 1 - May 31, 2023.

Helen is a Seller Community Manager at Square and is the editor of the Seller Community Blog. She writes about small business and the owners & entrepreneurs that are a part of the Seller Community.

Super Seller

Super excited about the blog!  I love when you guys spotlight a business owner.  There is always so much great information and I usually learn a tip or two I can use in my own space.  


Thank you @Doran! We are looking forward to highlighting even more sellers here on the blog - watch this space!

Beta Member

looking forward to learning what others are doing to build and promote their company


Thank you @OwensMarket

Beta Member

@Helen - Also looking forward to seeing what offers and shared community collabrations are on offer - Square are building a great eco-system and its good to be part of it.

Beta Member

I'd love my small business to be included in any discussions or stories. I've been doing my crafts for a many years, but business has been slow and I'm really trying to ramp things up. Any help or support from any other Square Sellers would be greatly appreciated. 😊


My business is called Colour My Dreams and I've got loads of lovely handmade items for sale. Please feel free to check it out. 





Thanks @Montegos! We'll share any opportunities on the homepage so keep an eye out over the next few weeks.


@CathieLive We're always on the look out to feature members of the Community, thanks for letting me know you're interested. Also, if you haven't already, you could join our Artists and Makers group and start a thread on how to beat a sales slump. You might get some advice from fellow crafters.



Beta Member

Wow this is amazing can't wait 

Beta Member

Hello my name is jazz I'm a salon owner in the Kent area I also make and sale my own  natural hair products so if your even in the Kent WA area stop by futuristicstylz salon 🤞🏾❤️be blessed jazz 💕

Beta Member

How do we participate?? 


@sacredheart926 To participate you could check out our latest Question of the Week: How do you manage feedback loops internally? or join the Square Readers Book Club

Sign me up.
Small businesses need all the support they can get. I community of other small business owners is always good to help.
I am running two small businesses and always looking for ways to improve.



Super Seller

Yay!!! A blog!! This is so great! Who knows! Maybe a quarterly publication can come out of it! 😊 Kidding....or am I? 🤔

Anywho. Can't wait to see where this goes!


Never say never @JessPoynter 🤣!

Beta Member

Any questions I can possibly answer or insights I could gain is considered a positive to me. 


That's a great perspective to have @Prettybrat24, thank you!

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