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I'm curious if anyone has figured out the best workflow to integrate the functionality of Contracts and Invoice. 


I have had good success with the Contracts module recently and I have been using the Invoices module for years.    However, my customers have expressed some confusion with their payment process when receiving a contract.    Here's what I have tried:


1. When I create a contract with payment terms (ie 50% deposit, 50% when complete) - they don't know how to pay directly from the contract. 


2. Even if I attach an Invoice to the contract, it is not intuitive for them to a) see it and b) click it to open and pay.


3. Similarly, if I attach a contract to an invoice, and send them the invoice,  it is not intuitive to see the contract to click and sign. 


I'm new to this and am curious what folks have found is the best workflow for this is for customers.   I can create and send the contract and invoice separately now, but the customers why they can't just be prompted to pay once they sign the contract.  


On a side note - from the seller's point of view,  I wish there was a way to automatically generate an invoice when I create a contract.   As I see it right now, I need to create a contract, and then go back in and create an invoice to correspond to that contract.     Is there a better workflow that I am missing?



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Hey @GulfCoastDrone 


So I, like you use invoicing mainly . I have been thinking about introducing contracts at a certain level myself.  This may be the perfect time for me to test this out and see if I can offer you any feedback.  


Using this post as a placeholder for the time being. 

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Something I've been tinkering with: in your invoice, include a PDF file with your contract terms. Include language in there such that by paying the invoice, they have agreed to the terms of the attached contract. Save the contract template with the PDF file pre-loaded.


Nothing fancy, but it's a start.

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Hello @GulfCoastDrone , I appreciate you reaching out with this feedback. I am sorry our contracts are not currently working out for you and would like to get more details to assist. I suggest reaching out to our Ideate Board and providing this feedback, I think this is great a suggestion. If you need anything else please let me know. 

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@GulfCoastDrone I just have to be clear with them that they're going to receive two emails from Square, each must be opened and completed.  As for the workflow, yes it's still a bit kludgy.


  1. Create Invoice and Save it *without sending*.
    1. If you only save as a draft, you can't find it when you're creating the contract.
  2. Create Contract, attach Invoice, Send Contract
  3. Immediately go back into Invoice and Send it
    1. This way they're receiving both emails within seconds of each other.
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