AI- generated responses, etc. anyone else?

I am almost 90% paid off with consistent growth, good in all areas and on my 10th loan at this point with no offer. I asked via email and they just send the exact same automated response each time and state that they can’t determine it, it’s an algorithm and humans don’t really have anything to do with the process. Which is so frustrating to think this entire loan process and decisions are made by a computer, it’s not personable or genuine at all because humans just aren’t really involved any longer (in much at all at square that I can tell, every response is scripted, the exact same responses each time or seemingly AI-generated). It’s disheartening to be with this company and feel like a number. Especially when we pay exorbitant fees and interest on processing. I hate our entire world has come to this, automation can be helpful but when you feel like no one is listening or is just posting an AI-generated response when it comes to a business you’ve put your blood, sweat and tears into it’s sickening. Is anyone else feeling frustrated with this? There’s been a few times this year where square crashed and getting help was also almost impossible. I feel like I’m paying for a service but with zero customer service (besides a robot who just repeats itself). 

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