Feature request: How do you know who logs into the members area of your site?

Hi all.

My website has a "members-only" area where my paying customers can log in and view exclusive content. Is there a way for me to check who is logging in and their IP addresses?


I contacted Square Online support and got this:

"We don’t have a feature like that for Square Online at this time; however, we can take note of any feedback and pass it along to our product team for you."

That's crazy. I offer premium content that people have to pay for. I want to curb people sharing their passwords with non-paying people. I could be getting robbed as a content creator. That's how it benefits my business. I can't believe when someone logs into my site that information isn't kept anywhere and nobody can retrieve it.

Anybody out there found a workaround to this bizarre state of affairs? If it is not available then I wish to submit this capability as a feature request.



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Hi @SlayThePE.  Unfortunately, you were informed correctly.  Currently, Square Online only has one password for all password-protected sites.  And there is no tracking of where people log in from, etc.  


First, you should definitely put in a feature request.  You can do that here.  I’m interested in this for another web site that I currently build with Weebly, because Weebly has this feature.  So, after you submit it, post a reply here and I’ll go in an Like/upvote that request.  You need to submit feature requests this way, so that your request gets logged and put into the system.  You’ll receive messages as decisions are made.


For the moment, I only have two solutions for you.  You CAN create a web site using Weebly that will use its functionality for member userid creation & maintenance.  However, be aware that this WILL NOT track or report on login activity by member.  It only gives you a mechanism to control who is signing in.  You’ll still have the same problem if you have untrustworthy clients who share their credentials.  That’s a mess, for sure!


One other suggestion.  Square has a third-party app marketplace.  It is very possible that an app creator has already developed what you need.  If they have and have registered with Square, you will find them in the Square App Marketplace.


I wish I had better news, but I hope one of these two options will help you.  I’d definitely consider spending some time checking out the app marketplace!




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Thanks, @ChefChip 


Yeah, I built my site with Weebly 6 years ago. As you have pointed out, I have no idea about the login activity of my paying customers.


Thanks for letting me know the formal way to request features. I submitted it here as you suggested. Please go and upvote/like 😉

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