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Square needs to support our many SPF / DKIM requests and own this issue

I am going to create a thread as often as I can until someone at Square acknowledges the many threads asking for this information. Square needs to acknowledge that this is not "out of scope" for them to provide this information. There are thread after thread of people explaining the technical reasons why Square/Weebly are the ones that need to provide us the DNS records for SPF/DKIM to be able to deliver mail sent by them on behalf of our domain. 


Another user in another thread phrased it best: "Square/Weebly is SENDING as YOUR domain from their SMTP servers, so yes without a doubt they need to provide a DKIM record for THEIR sending servers...this is common place for any sender acting as your domain via their servers now.  I've been around this circle with them for months with nobody that understands it."


You are using weebly.com and sendgrid.com to send emails ON BEHALF of my domain. You are the ones that need to provide the records for us to add in our domains DNS. If I was sending the emails using my own server, which we do for marketing, I have the appropriate records set up for our vendor - Brevo. Sending us a generic link to a Cloudflare page on how DMARC and SPF and DKIM works is rather offensive. We understand how it works, that is why we keep begging for Square to provide what we need.


You need to provide us with this information or your emails you are sending on behalf of our domain will continue to not be verified and will likely land in customers Junk. We are trying very hard to do everything right here, but Square continues to prove that it is not knowledgeable about DMARC and DKIM and thus our customers are suffering because of it.


Do you see how many people disagree with your answer and Square's stance on this? When will someone at Square take ownership of this and realize that you are running away from the issue rather than actually addressing it? It's truly sad to spend so much money on Square services and processing but know that deep down they don't even want to help or understand how to help with anything technical. 


As someone else already said: "Dear god this is ridiculous.  Tell your CTO to call me I can explain it to them"

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