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can you get a square QR code that people can scan and just sent me money? i do community events and have a tip jar and a sign with my QR codes for venmo, cash app, and paypal. not everyone has one of these. i imagine there is (or could be) a square QR code that they could scan and then be prompted to enter an amount and their credit card number like paypal. i would just rather have all of my money in one place. i guess the long way around would be to have a site item called "tips" and a QR code that directs them there. just want it to be easy so people don't get frustrated and abandon the tip. 

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@alabamabarbie There isn't a way to just have a QR code that leaves a tip in square.  You have to have a transaction and purchase otherwise this would be too close to doing a cash advance and there is a whole set of credit card issuer rules you get there.  You could set up donations or a 1.00 item that lets them leave a tip, but this is not quite for square is set up.  This is for selling goods and services.

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