UPS not connecting account - error message

Hey All,


I was looking to see if anyone has had this problem before with connecting UPS acct to Square. I receive an error message -   


"Your registration unfortunately failed due to the following UPS error: The Shipper Account is already linked to an existing User Name."


I have contacted UPS and they are looking into it - I spent at least 6 hours on the phone with them today ( several calls last week) - finally, and hopefully, got to the right person who's "looking into it"


We are connecting an existing UPS account and use the invoice method to connect the account. I remember I had this issue a few years back when we used a 3rd party ship software and I had to enter a UPS local phone number and that fixed it.


Just looking to see if anyone had experience with this and what the solution was as I don't have faith that UPS will fix it, since it appears to be on their end.


Thank you!



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I am having a similar issue but without any error messages. The system doesn't seem to do anything. 

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