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I have retail items and then the coffee shop. Is it possible to run both off the one register? Can you log in/out back and forth between the two programs? 

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Hi, @Jefflpcb, thanks for touching base with your question, and welcome to the Seller Community!

At this time, you can only be logged into one app per device. So, if you have Square for Restaurants and Square for Retail, you will either need two separate devices to log into those specific apps, or you will need to continuously log out of one app and open another on the same device. You won't be able to access both app features simultaneously from one device.

You can, however, sell both retail products and coffee shop items from the same app, such as Square for Retail or Square Point of Sale

Are you able to provide some more information about how you're currently selling your retail and coffee shop items? 

Additionally, how are your customers currently making their payments, do they pay at the same point of sale station for both items? Or do you have a separate point of sale station for retail and coffee shop items?

Once we know a little more, we'll be able to make a few recommendations here.

We'll keep a lookout for your reply!

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