Stand not connected to a reader??

When I go to check out a customer and select charge, The stand says that I need to connect to a reader to swipe insert or tap. my square stand is supposed to do all of those things.  My Wi-Fi is connected my appointment app is working in every other way but that. I have no idea how to troubleshoot this.

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Which Stand do you have?   The first Gen or 2nd Gen?  First Gen is basically all white while the 2nd gen is mainly black in color.  The white ones have a Cardreader separate from the stand whereas the black ones have the card reader built into the stand.  Both should be using your Ipads wifi or cell signal to connect the reader to the internet.  I have the white one so that is the only one I can help trouble shoot.  You could disconnect the card reader from the stand and in the Square app under hardware forget the reader, and also in the Ipad settings for get the bluetooth device.   Then go through the setup process of adding it for the first time.  If your stand is the 2nd gen, you may have to call support to see how to trouble shoot the built in reader.  Square supports # is in my signature line below.

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