change an employee's "display name" and not have it change on their tax forms

I need to be able to change an employee's "display name" and not have it change on their tax forms!


An employee and I share the same initials AT and have had our commission go to the other because we've checked out each others clients and forgot to enter their pin instead of our own. 


Looking down in the right hand corner means nothing to us.


We did try changing the "display name" to a nickname only to find that it's changed on their w4's.


I don't know if this is possible or if it's a feature that can be implemented but some help would be great.

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I believe that if you go to your dashboard and pull up team, you're able to put a preferred name for the team record that is different from the actual legal name on the payroll record. I needed to do this for one of our team members that was transitioning and had a different first name than their legal name.  All tax forms still showed up with the legal name and in the display for the system for scheduling and the initials in the bottom corner of the POS it had their preferred name and initials.

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