Square Stand -- untethered?

We want to add a Square Stand, receipt printer, and cash drawer to our system. This is for a bar. We want the Stand to move around untethered on the bar - no USB. We want the receipt printer and cash drawer to sit stationary on a counter behind the bar, where we have a LAN connection. Can we do this?

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Re: Square Stand -- untethered?

I don't have an iPad handy here to check, but I think you can do this.  I'm not sure if the built-in swiper on the Square stand will work if it doesn't have power though.  The iPad should still see the printer and internet over wifi.

 You can also use just any old iPad stand to hold the iPad (just make sure it holds it well).r maybe even better just have it in a durable case (something like this $15 one we use for the kids 

Or maybe even better just have it in a durable case (something like this $15 one we use for the kids https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01820GW06/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1), the only issue would be connecting the swiper for the few people without chip cards.



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Re: Square Stand -- untethered?

@VanKalkerFarms - Thanks for the help, and you've got it. 


@JimLengel - While the Square Stand can draw from the iPad for swiped transactions when it's not plugged in, it would drain your battery a bit. Depending on how many transactions you were planning to make, it may be better to go stand-free (certainly cheaper). 

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Re: Square Stand -- untethered?

These guys are spot on with what I would recommend too. I own & operate a bar as well, so I know exactly what you're hoping to do.


I would not recommend a Square Stand unless you planned on having your POS stationery. If you want it mobile, you would want to purchase a protective case for the iPad, and use a mobile Square card swiper, which will plug into the iPad's headphone jack. I'd also recommend you get a Square chip & contactless (mobile phone payment) Reader. These readers are connected via Bluetooth, and they are rechargeable, with a decent battery life.


Therefore, you can move your iPad around and take chip, swipe, or mobile (e.g., Apple Pay) payments, and your receipts and cash drawer will still respond (assuming they're properly connected to your LAN).

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Re: Square Stand -- untethered?

We have a farm store and this is exactly what we do and it works well although we are not as busy as a bar and we don't have many people using it. I didn't want to be limited by having it all attache to something and not be mobile.


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