Do you consider yourself good at sales? Why/why not

Hi all - first post.


I had conversation recently about whether or not the ability "to sell" is an inborn personality trait. "Um, no..." was my take.


I figure this group is totally biased (clearly we all sell things!) so I'm curious what you think. Do you think you're good at selling? How have you improved over time? What still frustrates you?


I'll go first...


Personally, I think selling is a skill. Yes, some personality types may have an advantage. But, I think you can find a style that works for you and get better with practice. I sell food and drink. I've gotten better at really listening. I've also implemented some subtle moves that encourage a customer buy more. (For example, if someone comes to our cafe "for a drink only" I put a menu in their hand anyway.)


My ongoing frustration is that sales is viewed as slimey... obviously, I want my people to return again & again so I never "sell 
just to make the sale."




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