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Cart Errors when reloading

We are finding that when we open a saved card, add an item and resave it, square for retail is adding extra items already in. Has anyone else had this issue and worked a solution?

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Hi @balloon_worx,


Thanks for reaching out, and sorry to hear about the trouble with saved carts. 


When you get a chance, can you check if the operating system on device you're running Square for Retail on is on the most up to date version available and Square for Retail is up to date, too. It might also be a good idea to delete, and reinstall the app when you get a chance. Please let us know how you go!

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Hi Arie, I have done all that while getting support from the live chat team. Unfortunately none of the above helps, for now we are not using tickets to save the issues

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Thanks for going through these steps, @balloon_worx. I've gotten in touch with the team, and confirmed tickets have been filed for the issues you're seeing with Square for Retail. They team will be back in touch as soon as they have an update! 

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the past couple of weeks our receipts are printing very slowly. I reported it and apparently engineers were working on a fix, this was last week and still no update available... Does anyone have any information about this, or any way to get around it being painfully slow to print from square?

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We've got the same problem printing receipts and it's seriously slow compared to before.  Is it related to the new upgrade?

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Hey @LotsaLollies,


If you've not already, we recommend getting in touch with out support team to further troubleshoot the issue. I'm not aware of any recent updates having caused issues with receipts printing.


One thing I have heard of before is slow receipt printing on a crowded wifi network. So if you have a lot of devices running on wifi and have wifi printers connected as well, it's possible your bandwidth may be stretched thin - that's just one guess though based on what I've heard in the past, support will be better placed to troubleshoot this with you!


You can call support on 1800 760 137 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm Melbourne time), or contact us via online chat or email:


1. Sign in to your Square account

2. Head to our contact page https://squareup.com/help/au/en/contact

3. Go to "Other" then "I don't see my issue"

4. Click "Message us" or "Email us"

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Hi Seamus,


Thanks heaps for the reply.  We have never had a problem with the receipt printer until just recently and it seemed to have started around the same time Square was upgraded with the "new look" on iPads.  We've had Square freeze at times also but can never replicate the steps.  I will submit a ticket to support.


Thanks again!




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