POS questions

Hello guys! I need some help and hopefully someone can help me with these questions!

  1. Square supports differente currencies when printing and sending email receipts?
  2. Square supports barcodes, enter barcodes manually, UPC, SKU?
  3. Square supports different taxes and also has tax reports?
  4. Square supports permissions to use the app for employees, managers, etc?
  5. In the inventory is there a way to add items details like; sizes, colors, different discounts?
  6. How to do split payments?
  7. How does items refunds works? Like for example if a cliente bought several items at once and he wants to return or exchange just one item of that receipt?
  8. How to sell and apply gift cards?
  9. Does Square supports loyalty for customers?
  10. When a customer wants to buy a gift to someone, is there a way to print a gift receipt just in case the item or items needs to be exchanged?

Thanks for the help guys!

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