can I check to see if an item is already on a purchase order for reorder?

we write purchase orders for all of our items. These POs are generally done months in advance since most of our items are made to order.

We have a issue, when looking to fill inventory gaps we have to go to each purchase order for that vendor and check to see if the item is already on order.

Is there any faster/better way to find out if an item is on an existing (but not recvd) purchase order?

it seems that we should be able just to check the item itself and see if it's been reordered, but no!! anyone else feel this pain?


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Square Community Moderator

Hello @Tunquen1 

and welcome to our Seller Community. 


Our team has confirmed that the items that are currently in active POs are shown on the Inventory sell-through report. I have attached a screenshot of this report.


We also have plans to include the 'on order' amount in the Stock Overview item details on the POS, but we don't have an ETA for the implementation of this feature at this time. 


Thank you

Community Moderator, Square
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