Anyone else been screwed over by Square?

I took a credit card payment today of $975 and conveniently (for Square NOT AT ALL FOR ME) my account is under "review" after I have provided every bit of information to include name, address, business name, address, phone number, social security number, bank information, ect. and that I need to wait 1-2 days. 

After calling to get it escalated, I received a message saying that the business I received a payment from may be fraudulent. I have submitted ALL of the information and I'm sure I'll be asked to jump through more hoops before I can have access to MY money if I ever do.   

I think the only fraud going on is Square

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@calval was the transaction in person with a chip card? or did you do it over the phone or without the customer present?  Another question, is this a new account?

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Hi there, @calval 👋


Thanks for reaching out here on the Seller Community! We are so glad you are here! 


Square periodically reviews all accounts for security reasons. When we place an account under review, we temporarily suspend transfers to linked deposit methods until the review is resolved.


The unfortunate reality here is that businesses that violate our terms of service would love to use instant transfer to move large amounts of money, quickly. This is not to say we believe your business isn’t legitimate — we put measures like this in place so that Square is a secure place to do business for everyone.


If you have any other questions, please let me know! 

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