Bluetooth Kitchen Printer Star TSP650

The star tsp650 has been compatible in the past and now I am having connection issues. Does anyone else have the same problem and what have you done to fix it?

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Hey @usdanskyjeff👋


Sorry to hear the trouble - hardware connectivity can get a bit tricky and layered. Mind filling me in on your set up - the POS device you're using with your printer, any 3rd party accessories, your network configuration? 


This will help me best troubleshoot and get your printer back up and running. I'll stay on the look out for your reply 👀

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I have an older Star TSP650 receipt printer attached to an ELO Touch 1 cash register and an IPad Pro 10.5. Is it compatible with the SQUARE software?

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Hi @Citydragon - I'm not seeing the TSP640 model in ourlist of compatible hardware which means we haven't tested and cannot guarantee compatibility.


Feel free to try it out and let us know how it goes! 

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Hi. I have the Star Micronics TSP650. Granted it's an older model but we have had no problems with it until the latest update just this week. AND, we bought it from the Square hardware page. So, it was definitely recommended as compatible when we bought it. I've ordered a new printer (one recommended by your customer service team.) But it would be nice to get this one to work in the meantime. It's been are real pain this week without it. 😞 We are using a new model ipad and the printer is ethernet connected and wirelessly connected to the ipad. (Also the cash drawer stopped working at the same time.) Help!


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Hey @Proper,


Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear you're having trouble with your printer.


I'm not quite sure what steps you went through with support, but this should be a compatible printer with Square, especially if it was previously working. Essentially it's either not working because it's faulty and needs replacement, or it's something thats fixable. I have to assume our support team did their due diligence here in recommending a replacement - if you can tell me a little more about the issues you're seeing though, and what the problem is, I can try my best to give any advice. It's going to be a little difficult to troubleshoot on our online forum, but I'll see if I can offer any further advice depending on what the issue is!

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However, should any errors be detected, star would greatly appreciate During and immediately after printing  the area around the thermal head is very.

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