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Pass the Mic: Meet Kia 馃帳

Anddddd another one 馃檶. Next we pass the mic to Kia, owner of KiKi Cosmetics. Check out her journey below:


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What motivated you to become an entrepreneur?


As basic as it sounds, I decided to become an entrepreneur to follow my heart and live without regrets when Covid hit.  At that time, so many people experienced tremendous loss and soon started truly understanding that time isn鈥檛 promised to anyone. That concept bolstered my confidence to follow my dream of owning a business. 


Before the pandemic struck, I thought of a million reasons why I shouldn鈥檛 pursue my goals. But when I saw so many businesses shut down, all I could think about was the rewarding work I鈥檝e done throughout my career in finance in helping other entrepreneurs launch their businesses successfully. I knew that I still wanted to use those talents for my business ventures while embracing my creative side. Twenty-eight days later, KIKI Cosmetics was born. Every day I thank God for being born into a family who always instilled in me that I could do anything if I put my heart into it. 


What was your proudest moment as a business owner?


The proudest moment of my career was when my daughter told me how proud she was that I followed my dreams.  Also, the positive reviews that started flowing in from people about my products gave me validation that I was on the right path. Knowing that my customers appreciate hard work and dedication makes me feel so amazing.  


Describe your brand in 3 words.


Luxury, Self-Care, Essentials.


What advice can you offer budding entrepreneurs in the beauty industry? 


My advice would be not to forget that the beauty industry will make space for your talent. No matter how many people work in the same field, your gift is unique. I want others to follow their heart free from trepidation. Do not shy away from sharing your creative talents with the world. Not everyone is your customer, but when you find your tribe, it will feel amazing!


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Thanks for sharing @KIKICosmetics!!


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Grateful to have you as a part of the Community @KIKICosmetics! I love that your proudest moment is all about your daughter 鉂o笍 

Aaron Weiss
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Thank you, @aarontw ! I am grateful to be a part of this brilliant collective of BBO & entrepreneurs. 

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time isn鈥檛 promised to anyone

Profound words and something we all should keep in mind. I'm glad to hear that it helped lead you to something as awesome as your business!

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Thanks, @AdamB.!It is truly the mantra that keeps me inspired. 

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Thank you, Justin! I am so grateful to be a part of this community! Thank you again, for allowing me to participate in this series. 

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Of course!! So inspiring 

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Thanks so much for such an inspiring story. Kudos Queen!!!!!

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