Best app to integrate with Square for appts, intake form, and payment?

I am pulling my hair out over this. I spoke with square and I am now clear that I cannot edit the basic intake form where my customers will select service, pick a date, and give me their basic info before paying. I need them to put in their kids name and date of birth.. If only I could mandate the "additional info" section and rename this part. . UGH.

I added the app Jotform because it said it integrates with Square. Not exactly what I was needing. It seemed to only allow accepting square payment through Jotform's form and nothing at all with appointments.


Adding Jotform form was sort of helpful but it pulls up funny on the computer but looks ok on a mobile device. Someone could skip this form and still book an appointment.

If anyone cares to see for themselves and can suggest a different app check it out on the "book online" tab at my website www.reclaimwellness.com 

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