Missing Appointment Location?

I have two service locations -- one is online for three specific alternative healing appointments and the other is also online but used for complimentary introduction/meeting sessions. I was alerted by a client today that the "complimentary" appointment page is missing.


I had one "location" setup as "services" and a second location setup as "complimentary" -- everything looks the same on my account, but the choice to choose the "second location" is no longer showing up. 


I went back to my widgets, recreated the source code -- still not showing up correctly. 


Does this have something to do with Square's free service changing -- perhaps I lost the ability to have two locations so that I can set two totally different types of appointments?

For the "complimentary" I am trying to only schedule these appointments on Fridays for 20 minutes. If I list this under my normal services link, clients will have access to all of the other appointment times (non-complimentary) on the other days. 


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Hopefully I can help a little.  I definitely think it has something to do with the new subscription plan and rates.  Check all the features and see where you needs to fall and change accordingly.  If everything seems to check out you may need to contact Square Customer Support and I’m sure a representative can definitely help you out 🙂

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Hi @bramcost2,


Welcome to The Seller Community. Happy to have you join!


Thanks for hoping in there @Stacelyn24, and giving more insight! But yes they are correct the ability to book appointments with multiple locations is apart of the Appointment Plus subscription. 


Here is a breakdown of the features available within the different plans. 



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Hi MayaP -- What if I'm not really looking to have different locations but instead only allow certain types of appointments on certain days. For example:


T-W-R -- Online Shamanic Services (60 minutes)

F -- Online Spiritual Direction Consultations (20 minutes)

Sat -- In-Person Shamanic Services (60 minutes)


Same location, I just want to limit which services I do for different days. Do I then still need a different plan? The $29 Appointment Plus is a bit pricey for my level of appointments at this time and I don't seem to need any of the other features at that level. 

Please let me know. 🙂

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Hi @bramcost2,


Oh sorry, I misunderstood!


You do not have to use the $29 Appointment Plus plan do just have certain services available on certain days. 


Completely understand, doesn't make sense to pay that price for one feature!


Please let me know if I can help any further. 




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